We bring years of experience and skillful work to Hyderabad and the surrounding area. We assure to provide high class work, to every homeowner and industry owner that we work with, proud of each project that we complete. Call today to book your appointment for trustworthy service. You will definitely not regret your decision to work with us!

We take it as an honor to be in this business and really love to provide solutions for complex demolition, remediation and recycling projects. We treat all of our customers as equals and provide them with extreme loyalty as their satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Raama Homes’ Demolition service takes the well-being and condition of our environment very seriously and use every available opportunity and option to recycle, re-purpose or reuse construction materials. Raama Homes has demolished and worked on a lot of projects such as Industrial plants, shopping malls, apartments, and family houses. We are eager to serve you or your company soon. So please don’t feel hesitant to contact us for all of your demolition requests.

  • Residential

We have quite effectively demolished hundreds of residential lodgings. Our skilled team of professionals will manage everything, from the demolition permits, utility disconnections and the whole clean-up and grading of the lot. We have the accurate equipment to demolish any residential structure safe and sound and will be careful of the residential demolition work in an expert and well-organized manner, total demolition or selective.

  • Commercial

There are a full variety of services we offer for the elimination of commercial structures and facilities. We deliver selective demolition services together with the removal of interior finishes, architectural features, and mechanical items in addition to structural components. We often work in the most stimulating of environments where possessions are to be protected, environmental factors need to be addressed and schedules are challenging. That’s why we are extremely trustworthy as we keep in mind all the requirements of our clients for their utmost fulfillment.